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This Beginner Tin Whistle tutorial is for those who are new to tin whistle and shows you how to play, step by step, with clear guidance and demonstration from Kirsten Allstaff, a professional tin whistle player.


This instrument really lends itself to video instruction making learning it online both a fun and achievable goal. Take this beginner tin whistle lesson to learn where to start, then continue to the OAIM website for even more top tips, sheet music and a comprehensive tin whistle FAQ section to help you learn how to play tin whistle quickly and efficiently -​...


This beginner tin whistle tutorial teaches you how to play a great Irish tin whistle session tune called 'The Rattlin' Bog'. Learn the tune step by step in the time honoured, traditional, way (phrase by phrase). You'll also learn an exercise for improving your tone on the scale of D. Take this lesson here then go to the OAIM website for a comprehensive overview of how best to start playing tin whistle and to download a free MP3 and sheet music for Rattin' Bog -

In this lesson you will learn -

00:57​ Tune Played Normal Speed (Listen Learn And Repeat)

02:01​ First Part Phrase by Phrase

04:12​ Whole First Part Practice

04:47​ Creating A Good Tone

06:07​ Second Part Phrase By Phrase

11:00​ Whole Tune Practice (Slowly)

12:57​ Scale of D Review And Practice Exercises


In this Irish tin whistle tutorial, you can improve your breathing, phrasing and learn simple tin whistle ornamentation step by step with Irish tin whistle master Kirsten Allstaff. Download free mp3 and sheet music of the tune Paddy Taylor's jig here:​ The course 'Tin Whistle Foundations' is a continuation from Kirsten's very popular beginner's course 'Whistle Basics'. In it, she explores simple tin whistle embellishments such as the cut, tap, roll and the slide. Emphasis is placed on breathing, phrasing, variation, and rhythm throughout the thirteen tunes taught. Jigs, Slides, Reels, Hornpipes, Barndances and an O'Carolan composition are all featured. In the videos, Kirsten teaches each tune slowly, phrase by phrase, and recommends that students learn with her this way, by ear. The sheet notation for each tune is also included as a learning supplement for the tutorials.


Learn a great Irish session tune for the tin whistle and get some advanced tin whistle techniques, tips and pointers from Irish tin whistle master Thomas Johnston.​ The Online Academy of Irish Music presents this introductory lesson for the course 'Expert Whistle Skills'.


Other tunes taught in his tin whistle course - Hornpipes: The Blackbird, Kit O' Mahony's Jigs: An Sean Dúine, Garrett Barry's, Whelan's Jig Fling: The Moneymusk Reels: The New Policeman, West Clare Reel, The Swallow's Tail, The Crock of Gold Slip Jig: Give Us A Drink of Water Barndance: Vincent Broderick's Barndance

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