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Kingston Irish Session Book Revision 1.1

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the tune book split in two for coil binding (zip files)

Tune Book Part 1 - jigs, Hornpipes, Reels
Tune Book Part 2 - Airs, Marches, Polkas, Slides

Pronunciation of Irish Names in the Tune book
Regular Session Cheat Sheet
Slow Session Cheat Sheet

Beginner Slow Session Tune Book

Kingston Regular Session Repertoire 

Metronome Speeds for Irish Social Dance

Tunebook notes

If you notice any mistakes - chords, notes, 'bad' settings,' historical notes, spelling etc, please e-mail - the book can become much better with many contributing, on the wiki principal. 

The Table of Contents and Indexes are active links - clicking on a tune name will take you directly to the tune. Links in the biographies are also active. Bookmarks are also hyperlinked. Best viewed with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (other readers are fine, but some links might not work, and would definitely not print correctly)

There are actually two versions of the tune-book: the principal, 'Kingston Irish Tune Book' book of all tune types, to use as a PDF on a PC or tablet, or print for a large 3-ring binder, is one large book. The PDF has the convenience of being able to find any tune in seconds. 

That book has also been divided in two, in case anyone wants to print a version to be coil bound (the principal book is too large). That also works for dividing the tune-book up into a 'Regular Session' book - 'Fiddle Friendly/Winds Unfriendly' (Minor Key or wide octave range tunes), Hornpipes (including Barndances, Flings and Strathspeys) , Jigs & Slip Jigs, and Reels. The other book is 'Slow Session' tunes, with with all types of great tunes not commonly played at some regular sessions - Airs & Harp Tunes, Slides, Marches, Mazurkas, Polkas, and Waltzes

If you're in the local and area and would like a print version, e-mail You can pick up a copy at any session or Ceili or other Harp of Tara event.

Error Tracking for 2013-4 print runs

Most recent update: July 25 error fixes, some chords; February 2015 - Melody corrections, added Carolan's Quarrel. August 29, 2014; 1 minor melody errors and other fixes. Added an appendix: Tempos (Metronome Settings) for Irish Social Dance - Set and Ceili​

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1916 Commemoration Tune Book

We've put together a short tune book of Irish Rebel tunes for the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising.
1916 Commemoration Tune Book1916 Commemoration Tune Book

A session (seisiún)

Are a bunch of friends in a circle, playing tunes together. A 'slow' session is a session for people new to their instruments, or even for experienced musicians new to the Irish repertoire. There's a limited, easy to learn repertoire, and the tunes are played at an accessible pace.

The slow session welcomes people of all ages, at all levels, on all instruments. We provide a music book, and cds of the tunes played slowly. It's an excellent way for beginners to see how much fun a trad session can be and also a good place for the more experienced to pick up a tune or two. The atmosphere is friendly and the tunes are wonderful. 

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann - Kingston Branch

Ceol Irish Traditional Music Sessions

Tuesday evenings - 202 Main St. in Kingston / Sir John A Public House
Some of the best traditional Irish Music in Kingston.  All are welcome to join.  Lessons offered by experience level.  
Slow session 5:30 - 8:30pm 202 Main St
Regular session 8:30 - 11pm Sir John A Public House.

Siamsa / Song Circle

Every third Sunday of the month - Legion Montreal St. (October to May)
Harp of Tara also sponsors a Siamsa - a music social - every third Sunday of the month from 2 till 5pm , in the very hospitable room upstairs at the RCHA.  The Siamsa provides an occasion for tunes, song, poetry, dancing, trying out your best ‘party piece,’ or whatever you wish to contribute. All ages, all levels, all welcome. An enjoyable social.  Great venue with ample parking. No charge.

Monthly Céilí

This music is dance music. All musicians are welcome to play along with the band, while the dancers drive the beat at Harp of Tara's monthly Céilí.

House Concerts and Master Class Workshops

Harp of Tara also sponsors a regular series of House Concerts and Workshops with visiting Irish Musicians. Kingston had not been a stop on musical tours until we started these house concerts, which have brought some memorable moments for all involved.

Click here for more information.