Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann - Kingston Branch

A Selection of Events and Activities 
sponsored by Harp of Tara 

House Concerts and Music Workshops 

Past House Concerts and associated workshops include:

Harp of Tara 25th Anniversary Celebration, 2003 Workshops, Sessions, Concert and Ceili 
Uilleann Pipes Reed-Making Workshop with Joe Kennedy, co-sponsored with local pipers 
Maeve Donnelly and Steve Baughman - Fiddle and Guitar workshops
Diorma - 2004 workshops with Niamh Dunne (Fiddle), Lindsay Moynagh (Harp), Thomas Johnston (Pipes), Shane Greene (Accordion)
Michael Rooney and June McCormack - 2004 Flute and Harp Workshops
Spraoi - 2005 Workshops with Dan MacDonald (Fiddle), Kelley Hood (Pipes), Greig Cairns (Guitar) , Pat Simmonds (Accordion). 
Laura Risk And Paddy League - Fiddle and Bodhrán workshops
Flook Concert, co-sponsored, at the Octave Theatre. 2005
Patrick Ourceau and Deborah Quigley - 2006 Immersion Weekend, Fiddle and Pipes
Maeve Donnelly and Tony MacManus - 2007 Fiddle and Guitar Workshops
Patrick Ourceau and Deborah Quigley - 2007 Immersion Weekend, Fiddle and Pipes 
Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins - Fiddle, Bodhrán, whistle flute and pipes, playing together. 2007
Patrick Ourceau and Deborah Quigley - 2008 Immersion Weekend, Fiddle and Pipes 
World's First (?) Wheelchair Dance Ceili, St Mary of the Lake Rehab Centre, July 2008
Patrick Ourceau - 2009 Fiddle Immersion Weekend
Wheelchair Ceili. February 5, 2009- St Mary of the Lake Cafeteria 
Paul LeGrand - Irish Language Weekend Fiddle Workshop. April 2009 
Liz Carroll and John Doyle Concert, Fiddle and Guitar Workshops. April 2009
Steafan Hannagan, Saskia Tomkins, Karen Light Immersion Weekend. Bohdran, Fiddle, Whistle.    May 2009
Lasairfhiona Ní Chonaola - Sean Nós Concert: May 16, 2010
Patrick Ourceau - 2010 Fiddle Immersion Weekend
Mark Finnan, John Hoffman, Glen Caradus 'The Corktown Man, in Story and Song' and 
   'Music, poetry and song related to the life of D'Arcy McGee. October 2010
Patrick Ourceau - 2011 Fiddle Immersion Weekend
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann 60th Anniversary Celebration, October 15th 2011 Whig article
St Patrick's Wheelchair Ceili March 11, 2010- SMOL Cafeteria; March 18, 2010- Province Manor 
Liz and Yvonne Kane, and Edel Fox. 2011 Fiddle, Concertina and Repertoire workshops, and House    Concert
St Patrick's Wheelchair Ceilis March 2, 2011- Arbour Heights; March, 2011- SMOL Cafeteria
Patrick Ourceau - 2012 Fiddle Immersion Weekend
The Ballad of d'Arcy McGee, in story and Song - Mark Finnan, Glenn Caradus, John Hoffman and Michael Ketemer March 2012
St Patrick's Wheelchair Ceilis March 15, 2012- SMOL Cafeteria
Patrice Fisher (Harp) and Carlos Valladares (Percussion) with Sylvain Gagnon (trombone and bass). June 16, 2012 
Liz and Yvonne Kane - Workshops and House Concert July 29, 2012
Kelli Trottier and Greg Sim - Workshop and House Concert September 13, 2012
Patrick Ourceau and Ivan Goff - Fiddle and Flute Immersion Weekend January 25-7, 2013
Nuala Kennedy and Andrew Hillhouse - Workshops and House Concert February 15, 2013
Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly - Workshops and House Concert March 22, 2013 
Pat O'Connor and Eoghan O'Sullivan - House Concert March 24, 2013
Kevin Burke - Workshop and House Concert September 10, 2013
Cairdeas Christmas Concert - Steafan Hannigan, Saskia Tomkins, Marsala Lukianchuk. Dec. 15, 2013
Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins - multiple workshops throughout the year  
St Patrick's Wheelchair Ceilis March 13 and 14, 2013- St Mary's and Providence Care
Patrick Ourceau and Ivan Goff - Fiddle and Flute Immersion Weekend January, 2014
Michael 'Blackie O'Connell and Cyril O'Donoghue March 17, 2014 Photos
Wheelchair Ceili. March 14, 2014- St Mary of the Lake Cafeteria 
Kelli Trottier and Greg Sim - Workshop and House Concert April 05, 2014. Photos
Paddy Keenan and Brian Tahenny - House Concert August 1st 2014 
Saskia Tomkins and Steafan Hannigan - House Concert and Workshops January 11, 2015
Pascal Gemme and Yann Falquet - House Concert January 22nd, 2015
Alan Reid and Rob Van Sant (ex Battlefield Band) March 29, 2015
Paul Legrand - Workshops April 2015
Patrick Ourceau and Ivan Goff - Fiddle and Flute Immersion Weekend April 18-10, 2015
Four Winds August 12, 2015
Blackie O'Connell and Cyril O'Donaghue October 9th 2015 
Gerry (Fiddle) O'Connor November 16 2015 
The Outside Track February 29, 2016
Caitlín Nic Gabhann and Ciarán Ó Maonaigh May 20, 2016
Paddy Keenan and Brian TahennyJuly 8, 2016

Harp of Tara organized and hosted very special days for the Kingston Céilí Band 20th Anniversary in 2002, and the 25th Anniversary, September 30th 2007 

Irish Dance Workshops

Timmy McCarthy 2003
Yutaka Usui and Doriane Renecker 2003, 2005
Regular workshops with Maureen Mulvey, Canada's Irish Dance Master
Workshop with Irish Dance Master Pádraig McEneany, July 2010

Irish Language

Conversational Irish Language Classes - beginner, intermediate and advanced, have been held during the winter months since 1994.
International Irish Language Immersion Weekends have been held since 1996, and 
Annual Gaeltacht Irish Language Immersion Weeks, since 2004

Regular activities

Harp of Tara has hosted a year-round weekly slow session since 2001. Friendly, social, a welcoming way for beginning musicians to experience the joys of Irish music and sessions, or for experienced musicians from other traditions to develop the Irish repertoire.
Another opportunity to get out and play some tunes is our regular 3rd Sunday Siamsa, which has been running at the Brew Pub since 2000  
With a mandate, among others, to promote Uilleann pipes, Harp of Tara has taken the lead in the promotion of the Uilleann pipes, with workshops with master pipers 
Weekly Dance Practice We have been getting together to learn and enjoy Irish Social Dance for 9 years
Monthly Céilí. The principal social event for Irish Music and Dance in Kingston has been running since 2001